Location: Meeting Room 1-2
Event Date: 9/30/2022
Time: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

This presentation discusses the challenge of ensuring resilient energy infrastructure design choices at water/wastewater facilities. Our energy infrastructure is complex and is often tied to local conditions, type of treatment facility, and equipment choices. There is much uncertainty about how the energy sector may change in the future, including volatility of prices, susceptibility to natural disasters, terror attacks, etc. By making wise decisions, water/wastewater facilities can reduce their future risk and usually reduce their future costs. Given the large investment cities make in their infrastructure, we want our facilities to be consistent and predictable. A number of considerations can be taken into account during facility design and equipment selection to achieve a robust design with energy-related systems that can be consistent and predictable over the entire design life of the treatment process. This presentation will discuss various options and educate the audience so that city managers and other city staff can make informed design choices for infrastructure needs, including water/wastewater, commercial/industrial, and residential systems.

Speaker: Adib Amini, Engineer, FOX Strand

IOWA League