Local Leaders Day

Empowering Cities for Local Democracy
March 6, 2024

Thank you to everyone who attended Local Leaders Day!

On March 6, 2024 local leaders from across Iowa gathered in Des Moines to connect with legislators, discuss legislative priorities, and share their stories. Speakers representing the cities of Cedar Rapids, Atlantic, Bettendorf, and Seymour joined Monte Wyatt of AddingZEROS and Scott Raecker of the Robert D. and BIllie Ray Center at Drake University to converse on how cities can best support Iowans and plan for the future. 

And we can say that Iowa’s cities delivered. With more than 120 city officials in attendance from every part of the state, local leaders came together to speak about their needs in a difficult time. 

What we heard were concerns about how Iowa can serve and support its cities, from communities of 500 people to 200,000. With 940 cities in Iowa of different sizes and conditions, it can be difficult in the best of times to craft legislation that lifts up all Iowans. 

The resounding message from city officials was the need for the state to: (1) provide fiscal predictability so cities can make longer-term plans to support their citizens; (2) support efficient governance by allowing space for collaboration and innovation; and (3) protect the freedoms to align local decisions with local democracy. 

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Local Leaders Day Photos

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