SimpliCity: FAQ

Why was SimpliCity created?
Cities run more efficiently and effectively with buy-in from residents who know how their local government works. But for many people, cities feel like they operate behind a wall of bureaucracy. They’re intimidating, complicated, and boring. 

With misconceptions like these prevailing, residents sometimes resist changes that would benefit them. They can feel disengaged, pull away from their community, or misinterpret actions made by city officials.

SimpliCity: Your City, Simplified tackles these myths to help residents understand how their cities work, what they do, and why it matters to them personally. Content is friendly, informative and easy to digest, using humor to lighten the mood and aid in knowledge retention.

By making topics surrounding city governance easy to understand—and fun to consume—we can combat the long-held misconception that city governments are intentionally obscure or elitist. 

Why should I use SimpliCity materials in my community?
SimpliCity gives residents a better understanding of how their city government works and helps you set realistic expectations for what you can and cannot do for them. This can improve relationships between residents and city officials, and ease tensions surrounding heated topics like city budgets and taxes.

Can I add my city’s logo or branding to supplied materials?
Yes! If you do not have the staff or technical capabilities to add the logo yourself, you may request customized assets featuring your logo for a small fee. Please contact for details. (NOTE: You will need to provide a high-resolution logo file.)

Where can I use campaign materials?
Materials can be posted to any digital channels that you use to communicate with residents. These channels include but are not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, email newsletters, websites, and landing pages.

Be sure to give your audience context for your post—let them know what they’re seeing, why you’re posting it, and what’s in it for them.

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Why was SimpliCity created?Cities run more efficiently and effectively with buy-in from residents who know how…

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