City Budgets

The city budget process can be complicated. This video breaks down the process and shares how your residents can get involved.

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Sample Texts for You to Use
(Adjust the text and make changes to fit your city.)

  1. How do cities like [YOUR CITY GOES HERE] plan our annual budgets? Kidsplainer Sophie breaks down the process in this quick video that puts everything into simple terms.

2. City budgets can get complicated. But you shouldn’t need a degree in economics to understand how your city spends its taxpayer dollars—or how you can be a part of the budgeting conversation. Head to Sophie’s Soda Shop for a lesson in city budgets in this short and bubbly video. Check it out!

3. Want to know how the city decides what projects to fund? The budget is distributed to each department through a strategic planning process and includes input from residents.

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