League Legislative Values

Local Control
Home Rule is the right to make local decisions at the local level – where decisions are made closest to those affected and can be tailored to fit unique conditions, needs, and concerns free from state interference.
Financial Stability
The commitment to reimburse local governments for lost resources due to state action must be maintained to prevent an increased burden on property tax payers or a reduction in city services. Mandates imposed on local governments must include appropriate funding mechanisms. Local governments need diversified revenue options that are fair and related to cost drivers.
Economic Development
Maintaining the flexibility of economic development tools is essential for economic growth in cities of all sizes and is vital to the success and advancement of the State of Iowa and its economy. Iowa needs more tools and funding to promote quality of life, community vitality, economic development, and to address housing needs.
Iowa’s infrastructure is in need of repair and upgrade. It is vital that cities of all sizes have the resources to meet the infrastructure, technology, and human needs necessary to connect, transport, and grow.
Public Safety
Safety is essential to the health, stability, and vitality of communities. Cities must have the human and economic resources, tools, and technology to provide appropriate public safety services for their communities and citizens.
These Legislative Values were proposed by the League Legislative Policy Committee and were ratified by the League Executive Board on August 13, 2020, and approved by League members during the League’s Annual Conference on September 18, 2020.?????????

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