Housing Assistance and Resources

Adding or restoring housing stock is a goal many cities have, but one that can be difficult to achieve. Allocating city resources, securing funding assistance and finding developers to partner with can each present obstacles. However, city officials should be comforted with the variety of resources and assistance programs that are available in Iowa and through the federal government. Developing and preserving housing are long-term priorities that require cities to establish plans and commit resources over many years. There are numerous resources and agencies that can offer help, some of which are included on this page.

The Iowa Finance Authority offers a variety of housing programs and financing opportunities, including assistance for affordable, single-family, rental and multi-use housing. It also has programs for homeless assistance and funding for water and waste water infrastructure projects.

The National League of Cities’ Community & Housing Development program provides information and case studies on housing projects and how cities can successfully complete them.

Habitat for Humanity was established to help eliminate poverty housing and has aided numerous communities in restoring housing by working with local governments and community partners.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development office provides funding assistance and programs to help improve the quality of life in rural America. Funding can be given for a variety of housing and community development initiatives, including housing stock, water and sewer systems, and health clinics.

The U.S. Housing & Urban Development agency supports community development through several major programs. A key funding source for cities, Community Development Block Grants can provide financial assistance on a wide variety of projects, including low- and moderate-income housing, prevention or elimination of areas of slum and blight, and housing rehabilitation.

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