​The Iowa League of Cities is excited to announce our partnership with Praetorian Digital’s EfficientGov, an information service that tracks innovative solutions to fiscal and operational challenges facing cities and towns across the country. EfficientGov provides local government leaders with unlimited access to information and tools that help reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of government.

Through this partnership, the League is able to offer 100 of our members a one-year subscription to GrantFinder, the largest searchable database of private, state and federal grants available to municipalities and local nonprofits.

In addition, GrantFinder allows users to develop a grant calendar, set grant alerts and save previous grant applications and resources. A subscription costs only $75 per year and is available on a first come, first serve basis until all subscriptions are purchased.

Cities are encouraged to contact Cara Freedman, account manager for GrantFinder, and her team to schedule a 10 minute tour of the program. Cara can be reached at or (866) 463-7792. Also, our Grant Management and Funding Sources webinar provides a tutorial on GrantFinder that helps explain the benefits and shows how it works.

If you are interested in receiving access, please contact Mickey Shields, or (515) 244-7282. Cities can also fill out the GrantFinder Order Form and mail it along with payment to the League to gain access.

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