City Clerk/Finance Officers Handbook

The Iowa League of Cities publishes the City Clerk/Finance Officer’s Handbook. The 2020 revision of this publication will be launched soon. All access to the online resources are now linked to the 2017 handbook purchase only.
This manual, available in both hard copy ($40) and a downloadable version ($20), includes critical items for those with clerk or finance officer duties. The handbook is updated every two years. However certain chapters, such as report requirements, will be updated as information changes. There are a limited number of sample agendas, resolutions and reports included in the appendix of the manual as downloadable files. An extensive list of contacts and Web sites are included to further direct the user to helpful information. All references to the appendix, glossary and Iowa Code Chapters can be accessed by hovering over the term or chapter to see a hand which takes the reader directly to the link with just a click (be sure the internet is active).

The 2017 revision will include short video clips on selected topics.

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