Registration Opens for Municipal Leadership Academy

Registration has opened for the 2021-2022 Municipal Leadership Academy (MLA), which is held every other year following the city elections. The series is primarily designed for newly elected officials to help them gain an understanding of the basics of municipal government, including education on budgets and finance, open meetings, city operations and services, planning and development, and much more. All city officials are welcome to join, including veteran council members and staff that will enjoy a refresher on important city topics. 
MLA is conducted in three parts, with the first being held in December with five in-person workshops along with a virtual offering. MLA Part Two is hosted online in early January and MLA Part Three is done in April 2022 with another set of in-person workshops and a virtual session. Full details, including topics to be covered, workshop locations and registration information available on the MLA webpage.

The League asks all current council members and city staff, particularly city clerks and city administrators/managers, to help share this information with their newly elected officials after the November 2 election. Many newly elected mayors and council members are likely not aware of this training, which is considered essential to an excellent start to a tenure as a city elected official. 

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