Mayor Mentor Program

The Mayor Mentoring Program matches experienced mayors (mentors) with new or less experienced mayors (mentees) who feel they need a little extra guidance on city government. The mentors are willing to share their skills, knowledge, and experiences to help set up mentees for success as newly elected officials.

Be a Mentor

Mayors have a unique role to play in city government. Setting the agenda, making critical appointments and leading during disasters are just a few of their duties. They are often viewed as the face of the city and serve in an executive role helping bridge the city council and the staff. For a newly elected mayor, understanding and filling these roles can be a daunting challenge. The Iowa Mayors Association understands the challenge and has developed a Mentor Program to provide newly elected mayors a resource for support, guidance and encouragement from veteran mayors.

Mentoring Program Guidelines

Each newly-elected mayor participating will be assigned an experienced participating mayor within the program. During the first year, mentor and mentee mayors agree to:

  • Schedule an initial meeting to establish the mentor/ mentee relationship;
  • Visit each other’s city at least one time;
  • Meet in person or communicate by phone or email as often as needed, at least once a month.
Mentor Responsibilities
  • Initiate contact with the mentee;
  • Provide ongoing guidance, support and encouragement;
  • Share common practices;
  • Assist with resources, tools and information; and
  • Identify opportunities and encourage involvement in training, district meetings, regional workshops, and events.
Mentee Responsibilites
  • Ask questions and solicit advice;
  • Initiate contacting the mentor when needed;
  • Be willing to listen to the mentor; and
  • Devote time to the mentoring program.

The Iowa Mayors Association will make every effort to assign a mentee with a mentor serving in like size city and closely related by services and location. To become a mentor or mentee, complete the application form. Please complete and submit the contact us form or contact Alan Kemp, at or for more information about the Mentoring Program.

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We are confident that you will find this affiliation valuable during your service as mayor. We hope you will join us in our efforts and enjoy our fellowship. Membership benefits will include an email listserve, annual mayors breakfast at the League’s Annual Conference, development of a mayors mentor program, periodic regional meetings, training specific to mayoral duties and shared legislative activities. Membership dues are $30 annually.

To join the Iowa Mayors Association, please fill out a membership form below. There is an invoice or pay by credit card option.

Looking forward to working with you in the future,

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