Competitive Bid Threshold for Horizontal Infrastructure to Increase January 1

​The competitive bid threshold for horizontal infrastructure will increase on January 1, announced by the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT). The threshold will increase to $54,000 for cities less than 50,000 in population (currently $50,000) and to $77,000 for cities over 50,000 in population (currently $72,000).

The competitive bid thresholds pertain to public improvement projects defined under Chapter 26 of the state code. The definition of horizontal infrastructure includes roads, bridges and culverts. There are no changes to the competitive bid or quote thresholds for vertical infrastructure, which includes buildings, facilities, utilities, recreational trails and more. For public improvement projects with estimated costs less than the bid/quote thresholds, cities are allowed to use their own policies to determine how to obtain competitive pricing.

Additional information on bids and quotes, including definitions of horizontal and vertical infrastructure and guidance on bid/quote notification requirements, can be seen on our Construction Bidding Procedures page.

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